Runners are a diverse group. I guess you can say I classify myself as a trail runner who enjoys the solo adventure. Don’t get me wrong, I love running with other people. However I have an atypical schedule that lends itself to spontaneous runs rather than planned adventures. I run when it works into my day. Also having three, young kids, I welcome some alone, quiet time. My best thoughts come when I can be outside, running, and in my own head. 

Until the start of 2021, I never brought my camera along. Heck I rarely bring water and almost never a phone. But so often I was struck by the environment that surrounded me. I found myself wishing for my camera. Yet I was still unwilling to be encumbered by my heavy, professional camera. So I found a compromise. I bought a lightweight, but highly sophisticated point and shoot camera with full manual capabilities. (I can’t abandon all my sensibilities!) With new toy in hand, I have decided to challenge myself to run 5+ miles on the trails in each Connecticut town, lovingly named the DIRTY 169 by Art Byram, host of the Cultra Trail Running Podcast. You can follow my DIRTY169 adventure @muddysocksphotography to see the latest photos. Photos are also available for purchase.